What is Dustmod?

Dustmod is a hobby project that came as a natural extension to dustkid.com, a website that I operate that collects all sorts of Dustforce related statistics. While integrating dustkid.com curated leaderboards into Dustmod and extending the replay system to give richer metadata was an initial goal, the project has expanded to include quite a variety of extended functionality on top of the base game. It's my hope that Dustmod continues to be a way to launch deep into the nearly unlimited content that Dustforce and the surrounding community offers. msg555, Creator of Dustmod and dustkid.com



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Choose Your Operating System


  1. Download the Dustmod version suitable for your OS
  2. Unpack the contained files into the directory where Dustforce is already installed

If you’re playing on Steam you might like to add the Dustmod executable to your game launcher by navigating to “Games” -> “Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library” and finding the Dustmod executable (typically at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dustforce\dustmod.exe”). Steam will still recognize the game as Dustforce once the game is running.


If you need any assistance installing or troubleshooting Dustmod please feel free to click the button below to join the Dustforce Discord server for help.